Barrel Racing Made Easy & Done Right!

No Late Fees

Made a last minute decision to race? Not a problem, there's no late fees!

No CC Fees

We want more $$$ in your pocket! No Online Credit Card Fees!

Added Money

Go Fast Races has an Added Money Mentality. Go Fast, Win Big!

Our Values

 Simplicity, FlexibilityConsistency & Transparency

Producing Lifelong Experiences, One Race at a Time

Feb. 16th Entries Are Open!!


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Why We're the Best of Barrel Racing!

Inclusive Format

No matter if you're a hobbiest or a cut throat competitor, our format is geared for all riders.

F1 Dirt 

It's not just priority, but our religion to provide top performance footing for our competitors.


Our team is backed with 18+ years of managing and producing barrel races.

Better Rules

Simple rules give more flexibility to our riders and makes everything easy. No nit picking here!

Things to Know

Online Entries

Online Entries stay open throughout the entirety of our races! You can enter online in your truck on the way! :)


2D, $125 entry fee - May roll time


Lookout for our jackpots! We do them regularly. Follow facebook page for jackpot updates. 

Text Alerts

Get text alerts via Facebook Messenger when you enter online! You can also get started Here


$75 entry fee - May roll time


Both the Draw & Results are emailed to you once posted. Subscribe to our email updates to get them!

GFR Live

Watch all events live, online, free of cost. watch here on an event date

Trainer Time

Trainer Time is a 5h time block for riders. Get a wrist band & ride as many horses you please within the time period.


Click here for the W9 and Waiver forms.

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Get notified about upcoming races below!