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No Late Fees

Made a last minute decision to race? Not a problem, there's no late fees!

No CC Fees

We want more $$$ in your pocket! No Online Credit Card Fees!

Added Money

Go Fast Races has an Added Money Mentality. Go Fast, Win Big!

Our Values

 Simplicity, FlexibilityConsistency & Community

Barrel Racing Made Easy & Done Right!


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Why We're the Best of Barrel Racing!


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In 2018, we'll be producing over 26 events across three Texas areas. Taylor, Llano and Hamilton!

Our Team

meet the go fast races family

Go Fast Races is a family collaboration. Due to Mitzi and Gil letting Sarai start riding at age 7 with little brother Gilly...

Better Rules

Simple rules allow more flexibility from us as a producer and makes it easy to stick to. No nit picking here!

Our Next Event is April 14th - 15th, 2018

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Our Blog

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Enter your Name & Email for Barrel Racing Updates!